VR FarmWorld

Over the course of the past month our course has been diving deep into using Unity and coding using C # ( C-Sharp). It’s been a bit of a learning curve , however the payout is fun and rewarding.

This past week in my group; Kindsay, Caroline and myself have developed a fun and playful VR world. We took a look and combed through the unity asset store to first define a theme for our world. We all kept coming across cute a quirky animals and decided we wanted to build a VR farm world. We then felt like keeping a “minecraft-esque” feel would help support the theme of our world.

Farm Animals

The first step we took was to build a terrain and mold the landscape. Once we had our terrain all set up we found matching textures and painted on our landscape and imported a variety of trees.

After our base was all set up we imported our farm assets from the unity store and built a small farm consisting of ; a barn, silo, fencing and about a dozen different types of farm animals.

Farm Assets

The real struggle we came across with this project was getting our character loaded into the scene. We tried getting the first player character control to work but ran into a number of issues. We downloaded a model dummy but had issues getting the script to connect and kept getting an “outdated model” error code. We then updated the script but still had issues getting it to work.

our script for the first player controller

Ideally our world is in a first player perspective. The player is the farmer and would be able to go out and explore the farm and surrounding lands. Below is a screen recording of our farm world.



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